8" Taper Pair

8 inch Taper Pair candles
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One of the easiest ways to enjoy a beeswax candle is by burning our hand-dipped tapers. Each taper provides a beautiful golden flame that creates more light than you would expect from a thinner candle. Long-burning and bright, these beeswax tapers are the perfect anytime candle as they can be burned for just minutes at a time or for hours. Unlike pillars, votives and container candles, tapers can be lit and relit many times without affecting the quality of the burn and won't waste any precious wax. When you want a beautiful golden glow shining brightly in your home, tapers are the most economical choice. Get all the benefits of a pillar with none of the maintenance or expense.  

As with all our beeswax candles, our tapers have no added fragrances, so they are safe to burn around anyone that is sensitive to perfumes or strong scents.


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